Small Moves

Small Moves

Don’t pay for weight you don’t ship!

Why pay more for leftover weight? Believe it or not, some moving companies actually charge the same amount for a smaller load. You wouldn’t want to pay Big Mac price for a little McCafé cookie, would you? What sense does that make? At Navis Pack & Ship, the price is not the same for all sizes, but dependent on how much stuff you’re actually carrying.

Dorm rooms

You’re going to be in your dorm a long time. So shouldn’t it feel a lot like home? We’ve been carrying fragile and precious items for years, so handling the most important things is second nature to us. It doesn’t stop at carrying, though; we also insist on cleaning out any dust and such that can cling to those precious things. It’s not negotiable to us, because if something goes wrong, it may not be reversible.

Military moves

At Navis, we’re extremely grateful to everyone working tirelessly overseas to defend our rights as Americans. That’s why our service range goes far beyond the borders of our country. If you need some quality home goods while out on assignment, or you’re looking for help providing those for the family back home, we can make deliveries by sea. Of course, foreign countries have different policies. That’s why we’ve done extensive research to make certain our packing supplies always meet the industry standards of a given place.

One bedroom apartments

The fewer rooms you have in your home, the tighter the space. And we’ve all got more must-have items than we could probably count. Sure, it would be less mentally taxing to simply grab a bunch of boxes and cram all you could into each one. But it might be a little more secure to have a container made especially for comfortably storing certain things together. We frequently make custom crates from various materials to accommodate all types of objects, large and small.

Studio apartments

Due to tight finances, several people have apartments with just one small room that combines a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. And three areas combined means three times less air space than a stand-alone house. If, for some reason, you have to switch from one studio apartment to another, we can help you transition in a number of ways. We can collect everything at a service center and have it transferred, or meet you at some point along the trip, or just follow you the whole way there. It all depends on how your own mind works.

Call us at (801) 487-1036, and we’d be glad to listen to your needs and provide a custom solution. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

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